The EMBS consortium programmes include the following elements :

  • management courses in a foreign language at a partner university in Europe for either one semester or one academic year
  • an academic programme, including the related examinations, amounting to at least 30 ECTS credits (one semester) of 60 ECTS credits (one academic year) and recognized towards the degre requirements of the home university
  • as part of the academic programme abroad, a module entitled "European Affairs" of 20 ECTS credits. This module provides specific course contents relevant for management in a European context.
  • a thesis or project with a European focus


EMBS Consortium

The European Management and Business Sciences Consortium was created in 1989 with the aim of providing a fully integrated scheme of study for students with excellent academic results and preparing them to meet the needs of the European Employment Market

Mission Statement

Europe affects companies and businesses. The European Union is increasingly gaining in importance for the management of organizations doing business in Europe and managing their global operations from Europe.

Business activity in Europe takes place within the context of a common European historical, cultural and social background and within common political, legal and economic frameworks.

The EMBS - European Management and Business Sciences consortium is an exclusive network of universities and business schools covering different European countries. The EMBS consortium members have established integrated study programmes to enable students to acquire an academic management education with a distinctive European Profile.

The jointly-agreed structures provide a programme of academic excellence, leading to a full competence in another community language and an in-depth understanding of the business environment and culture of other European countries.

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